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About me,

It is my passion to create pictures with a deeper meaning, pictures without a shelf-life, stories, moments and feelings that endure.

My style is a combination of photojournalism and fine-art photography with a touch of fashion. My photos are inspired by light, colour, creative perspective, and of course, most importantly, the personalities of the people I photograph! 

In conclusion, I shoot pictures and I’m happy doing it, always trying to make the new ones better than those before, experiencing the world in a new way.

About you,

You are excited about marrying your best friend. Through your wedding, you will be expressing who you are as a couple, it will be your style, personality and creativity.

You are looking for a photographer you can connect with, whose style you fall in love with. Somebody, you would feel happy to spend the day with. You want wedding photographs that are fresh, luminous and romantic. You don’t want gimmicks. You want stylish and beautiful.

If this is YOU, then I would love to hear from you!

Fun Facts


I have been shooting professionaly since 1982. During this time I have also been teaching photography for more than 10 years at different institutions, including Government and Damelin. To date, I have done more than 1500 weddings.

professional memberships

I am an associate member of the SA Professional Photographers Association. I earned the associateship in wedding photography. Recently I also joined the South African Freelancers Association.


Over the years I have won numerous awards. Recently in the prestigious Admired in Africa competition, I was awarded 3rd place (2017), 1st and 4th place (2018) and top 10 (2019) in the bridal boudoir category.

cameras and lenses

We use professional Canon full-frame cameras and lenses.

Flash and lighting equipment

We use Canon and Yongnuo off-camera flash compatible systems as well as a full complement of Godox studio lights and light shapers. My favourite light shaper is the Godox parabolic P90H.

editing tools and apps

The core applications that I use is Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. I also use the Infinite Color- and Delicious Retouch-panels for Photoshop. 

Latest News

Lockdown Drive-in wedding
June 16, 2020

During the lockdown, most brides decided to move their weddings to later this year or even next year. Currently, brides that would get married during August, September and October are serio...

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AIA Awards 2019
April 12, 2020

In 2019 I entered at least four pictures in the boudoir category of the admired in Africa competition, but only one of my pictures reached the top 10. With this year's judge, there was a c...

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Have a fun Wedding
April 24, 2020

This is a promotional slideshow I have put together a while back. The core message will always be important. "Have fun at your wedding". I sometimes see the stress brides go through even when ...

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