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A big mistake most photographers make is to think that the success of their business is dependent on having the best camera or being able to take the best pictures.

Wedding photography is learning to see

The business of wedding photography is learning to listen


I have been shooting professionaly since 1982. During this time I have also been teaching photography for more than 10 years at different institutions, including Government and Damelin. To date, I have done more than 1500 weddings.

My approach to the business of wedding photography is based on my own personal experiences.

Being a professional photographer is more competitive than ever. Investing in a long term mentor and teacher will save you time and money.


It can be intimidating to start a photography business. If you make it past the first year or two, things don’t necessarily get easier. There are countless ways that we can become pulled in conflicting directions and lose momentum.

I’m here to help. When I think back to when I started, it feels like a lifetime ago. The amount of practical experience and knowledge I have accumulated could fill a book. Most of my knowledge is based on first hand experience, trial and error.

I’m here to save you some sweat and tears. Let’s spend some quality time talking photography, life and business. In my world, it’s all the same subject.


What we will cover

The training is open to anyone in the wedding industry at any level. Together we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses in your business. I will provide actionable steps to enhance your brand presence, revenue and customer service. It’s not just about getting leads, but about optimizing potential. Topics covered include:

  • Business start-up and management.
  • Cost-effective marketing.
  • Smart social media marketing.
  • Understanding Facebook ads (Tips and secrets).
  • Customer service.
  • How to add value to products and services.
  • How to build your style and portfolio.
  • Bookings, quoting and admin.
  • All the technical info to shoot professional wedding pictures.


How it works

Everyone is different and our sticking points are unique to us. So, our training plan will be tailored to you.

After we schedule a date, I’ll send you questions to clarify what you are hoping to learn. I’ll also familiarize myself with your website and portfolio.

2 hour in person sessions are R600. If things are going well but there are a few areas that are slowing you down, this is a good option.

4 hour sessions are R1000. With this option we will have more time to go into depth. Often, a full portfolio critique is a good use of part of this time. 

7 hour sessions are R2000. This option will give us enough time to go into depth, critique your portfolio, and to do a live shoot. 


Whether you are a hobbyist or serious photographer, or a pro that needs to upscale your skillset, head over to We will soon be launching an exciting online training facility. At Photo HQ we will provide high-quality, effective, education and training in photography, with programs and workshops that are designed to inspire, motivate and help you, to achieve your creative goals.