As part of my business, I regularly do styled shoots. It gives me a chance to shoot with like-minded creatives, and together, we create work that we can use in our various portfolios. It also gives us a chance to sharpen our skillsets and try new ideas,

The original idea was from a challenge in a video training session by Yulya Panchenko, a photographer that I follow and admire.

The red leather wrap and the background were offcuts I bought from a haberdashery near where we live.

I used a Godox GS400 in a Godox P90H parabolic without the front diffuser. With the diffuser, it would just be a normal softbox. I moved this light around from camera left to camera right and even at the camera angle, to get different looks. Another GS400 was fitted with a small softbox and placed off-angle at the back, to create a bit of rim-light on the one side.

Without top-class hair, makeup, styling and posing, success would not be possible. It is always a team effort.

Gavin from Vista del Monty Wedding venue was our hairstylist and Viki Pienaar Professional Make-up Artist was our makeup artist.

Last but not least, Tahrina van Eeden was our model.

Everybody worked their magic so we can get the look we wanted.

Without them, this shoot would not have been the success it was.

Looking forward to many more collaborations!