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AIA Awards 2019
April 12, 2020

In 2019 I entered at least four pictures in the boudoir category of the admired in Africa competition, but only one of my pictures reached the top 10. With this year's judge, there was a clear move away from normal boudoir in favour of a fine art look in the pictures chosen. This was an exciting move and definitely more challenging.

Lockdown Drive-in wedding
June 16, 2020

During the lockdown, most brides decided to move their weddings to later this year or even next year. Currently, brides that would get married during August, September and October are seriously considering moving weddings, but with the current uncertainties, these decisions aren't easy. As wedding photographers that's been in the industry for many years we came up with some ideas. These ideas can be arranged at short notice, should you decide...

Victorian Styled Shoot
August 17, 2020

I've been wanting to do a Victorian-style shoot for quite a long time. The pictures you see in this blog post forms part of our first shoot in the style. Getting it to work was not just about taking the pictures, but also about the hair, makeup and styling. I have also done a lot of research in terms of the editing that I wanted to do on these pictures. There are a lot of filters available to get the effect of a painting, but they all looked so ...

Portraits that are different
August 17, 2020

I have developed a unique editing style where the pictures look like it's a painting. It is a mixture of techniques used by three different master photographers as well as my own experience in Photoshop, which I have been using for many many years. At first, I started out with a Victorian styled shoot with which this style of editing works extremely well. I decided to shoot some stunning portraits, where we don't just show the unique beauty of t...

The multitasking conundrum
January 7, 2021

Because we love photography so much, we spend a lot of time honing our skills. Photographic skill is just one of the aspects of a successful photographic business. To run your business well, you also need to be a skilled marketer, accountant, graphic designer, and digital editor amongst others. With all these aspects of your business, taking up a lot of your time, you might end up not spending enough time behind the camera. The opposite can ...

Styled Shoot with Tharina
February 22, 2021

As part of my business, I regularly do styled shoots. It gives me a chance to shoot with like-minded creatives, and together, we create work that we can use in our various portfolios. It also gives us a chance to sharpen our skillsets and try new ideas, The original idea was from a challenge in a video training session by Yulya Panchenko, a photographer that I follow and admire. The red leather wrap and the background were offcuts I bought fr...

Hollywood Costumes Shoot
February 22, 2021

We recently had the privilege to do a shoot for Hollywood Costumes to showcase some of their gowns. The shoot took place at Vista del Monte Wedding Venue. Gavin and Nolene were responsible for the hairstyling. They run their salon from the premises. Gavin is also co-owner of the venue. The fabulous makeup was done by Viki Pienaar. Gowns were supplied by Hollywood Costumes, and our model was Ankia Stander, all the way from Potchefstroom. These pi...

Have a fun Wedding
April 24, 2020

This is a promotional slideshow I have put together a while back. The core message will always be important. "Have fun at your wedding". I sometimes see the stress brides go through even when they walk down the Isle. At some point, while getting ready, it is important to make a mental switch, and just let it be. Relax and get into the moment and enjoy it!