During the lockdown, most brides decided to move their weddings to later this year or even next year.

Currently, brides that would get married during August, September and October are seriously considering moving weddings, but with the current uncertainties, these decisions aren’t easy.

As wedding photographers that’s been in the industry for many years we came up with some ideas. These ideas can be arranged at short notice, should you decide to go for this idea.

Currently, we are in lockdown level 3 and weddings are allowed, but only with the bridal couple, the marriage officiant and two witnesses.

Our first option would be to live-stream your wedding onto a Facebook or YouTube page, where your guests can enjoy your wedding with you as it happens.

Our second option would be to have a drive-in wedding. The drive-in wedding can also be combined with a live stream package.

You will have to check with your venue, whether they have the space available to do this. We have identified at least five different venues where drive-in weddings would be possible. Feel free contact us for more information. I have also created an image with a suggested layout of a drive-in wedding.

This is how we suggest you should do your drive-in wedding:

1. You invite 24 couples to your wedding with each couple in their own vehicle.
2. You park the vehicles on either side of your red carpet or aisle of some sort, facing the aisle, where they will be able to see you in full view walking down the aisle.
3. When your guests arrive they each get a basket or box, containing canapés or something to nibble on as well as non-alcoholic drinks. They can enjoy these treats during the ceremony and speeches.
4. The bride arrives, walks down the aisle in full view of all her guests towards a gazebo or podium where the ceremony will take place.
5. The marriage officiant and the bride and groom will be miked up and we will broadcast the ceremony on an FM frequency, which all the guests can tune into on their car radios and be an intimate part of the ceremony.
6. At the end of the ceremony, the bridal couple walks down the aisle and back, while guests throw them with streamers, which will be able to reach them if thrown from car windows.
7. Back at the podium, the father of the bride and the groom can do their speeches.
8. The couple then proceeds towards the dancefloor in the middle of the aisle, where they do their first dance, in full view of their guests.
9. The bride can at this stage also do a father and daughter dance.
10. The couple then proceeds back to the podium, and guests start to leave in their cars, driving past the podium, waving at them and exchanging some smiles, all over a decent distance, not making any physical contact.
11. The ceremony, speeches and first dance will probably be about two hours, which is much more fun than a quick ceremony. After the last guest is gone, the bridal couple proceeds into the venue for their special portfolio photoshoot.

Drive in composite

Elopement Live Streaming Special Without FM transmission R5500

Add R500-00 for FM transmission.

FM transmission on its own R1500


The drive-in idea you will have to explore with your venue. If you don’t have a venue yet, we have five different venues that we can strongly recommend to host this event for you. We will provide the services as listed in our ad only.

Featured image as well as composite image: Adobe Stock