I’ve been wanting to do a Victorian-style shoot for quite a long time. The pictures you see in this blog post forms part of our first shoot in the style. Getting it to work was not just about taking the pictures, but also about the hair, makeup and styling.

I have also done a lot of research in terms of the editing that I wanted to do on these pictures. There are a lot of filters available to get the effect of a painting, but they all looked so amateurish.

I researched different editing methods in this style and I have spent many hours mixing the best of at least three different master photographers. I also added my own practical experience and flair, which I picked up from many years of time in Photoshop.

The final result works for me and this is going to look magnificent when printed on canvas and framed in an antique frame. I will be putting out packages soon. If you want to do a portrait of yourself in this style, send me an inbox!

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I want to thank the following people for making this shoot possible, and without them, it would not have been the success it is!

Models: Carmen Morris Ashton and Laré Birk

Hair: Gavin and his team at Vista del Monte wedding venue

Make-up: Chantel Nel of CN Make-Up & Co

Assistant: My wife and soulmate Rina of B-you Photography

Green Dress: Barronné Bruidshuis – ontwerper Danie Va’ Denel

Wardrobe: Hollywood Costumes